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Claire Quinn - DHT S1


Claire Quinn - DHT
  • Year Head for S1.      
  • Child Protection and LAC Co-ordinator.
  •  Co-ordinator for JAT, JST, ISG and all links with partner agencies.
  •    Pastoral Care Co-ordinator.
  •   PSL Transition Co-ordinator of all primary link schools.
  • Leading all additional supports for all pupils.
  •  Leading a quality PSE & Health Promoting School programme.
  • Health and Wellbeing across learning co-ordinator.
  • Bullyproofing Co-ordinator.
  • Leading school approaches to EAL.
  • To Promote equality and help every pupil benefit from education,
  • with particular regard paid to pupils with disabilities and special
  • educational needs and to Gaelic and other lesser-used languages.
  • Co-ordinator of Alternative Curriculum/MCMC provision and Strategy/Vocational Courses/+16 liaising with DHT Curriculum; YEG representative.
  • Responsible for Alternative Provision, e.g. EVIP.Co-ordinating Additional Support Requirements.
  • Responsible for co-ordination of approaches for PositiveDestinations.
  •  Links with Careers officer, ELO and management of Attendance Council.
  • Co-ordinator of all links with external agencies.
  •  Department Link for:   Pastoral Care, all Pupil Support PT’s, P.S.A.
  • Head of House - Harris
  • HIGIOS: 5.3 – Meeting Learners Needs
  • National Priority 3: Inclusion and Equality