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Fuel Zone


The Fuel Zone concept was developed in Glasgow secondary schools in 1996 after a lengthy period of pupil consultation. At this time the school meals service was considered to be old-fashioned, drab and lacking any street credibility.

Fuel Zone was developed in two distinct phases. Phase one saw the refurbishment of dining halls to create a vibrant, colourful environment that offered menus to suit the tastes of Glasgow's young people.

Phase two of the Fuel Zone programme concentrated on promotion of healthy eating. This saw the introduction of a new healthy menu range, tariff incentives for healthier food items and a range of health promotion iniatives. This phase also saw the introduction of a web based points reward scheme administered via cashless system which further promotes the uptake of healthy options. The website allows pupils to view the points they have accumulated for healthy eating and exchange them online for a range of appealing rewards such as iPods and cinema tickets.

Phase two was supported by partnership working with schools, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde, the Scottish Executive's Modernising Government initiative, Glasgow Young Scot, suppliers and other partners to ensure that the Fuel Zone offered Glasgow's young people the very best in school catering facilities.

Most recently the Fuel Zone service has been reviewed in line with the guidelines detailed in the Scottish Executive 'Hungry for Success' report. This has prompted a number of changes to the service style, menu and the website. Most notably full nutritional analysis of all menu items to ensure a balanced menu is on offer to all pupils.

Fuel Zone has attracted world-wide publicity and has won numerous awards, including COSLA Health Improvement Award which was presented for the points reward website based reward scheme.

For further information relating to the Fuel Zone, email Alison Fraser, Fuel Zone Marketing Assistant for Cordia (Services) LLP.

Click on the link below to take you to the official Fuel Zone website where you can claim your points and rewards.