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Roseleen Kennedy DHT S5


·        Deputising for Head Teacher
·        With Head Teacher leading on Curriculum for Excellence and member of the steering committee.
·        Co-ordinator of Curriculum for Excellence implementation and developments.
·        Responsible for school timetable and all related issues including Hall Cover, all option choices and accommodation.
·        Hall Cover policy co-ordinator.
·        Liaising with HT and ABSM on all staff issues including staff absence and out of school procedures.
·        Organisation of Prelims for all year groups.
·        Working with DHT Pupil Support to develop school’s approaches to Alternative Curriculum/MCMC/Vocational Courses/+16 Co-ordinator.
·        Consulting with colleagues on all procedural issues relating to the curriculum and its delivery.
·        Co-ordinator of Numeracy across learning.
·        CPD and PRD co-ordinator.
·        Standards and Quality co-ordinator/school perspective report.
·        Active Learning/Peer Reflection co-ordinator and committee link.
·        School Improvement Plan Co-ordinator.
·        Links with Media/Public Relations.
·        Options co-ordinator for all year group choices.
·        Year Head for S4.
·        Department Link for:
o       Science
o       Mathematics
·        Head of House -
HIGIOS: 5.1 – The Curriculum
National Priority 2: Framework for Learning