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Eileen Maguire - DHT S4


·        Deputising for Head Teacher
·        Attainment and Achievement Co-ordinator.
·        Leading attainment and achievement programmes for all year groups in conjunction with all Year Heads and Pastoral Care and Joint Leaders and monitoring and evaluating all attainment and achievement.
·        Leading a coordinated approach to Rewards and Merits for all year groups in conjunction with Year Heads and Pastoral Care and Joint Leaders.
·        Awards Ceremonies Co-ordinator.
·        Co-ordinator of Chaplaincy committee and charity events.
·        Leading SQA provision (including AAR).
·        Co-ordinator of Sharing Good Practice and The Good Lesson, Weekly bulletins, Newsletters and Seminars.
·        Co-ordinator of Literacy across learning. To lead in raising standard of educational attainment for all in school through various initiatives especially the core skills of literacy.
·        To co-ordinate a whole school approach to better levels in national measures of achievement and including examination results.
·        UCAS arrangements, EMA co-ordinator and Focus West College link.
·        Responsible for Active Kids, liaising with DHT Learners Experiences.
·        Link to Library Resource Centre and Librarian.
·        Probationer Teacher and Student Teacher Co-ordinator.
·        Year Head for S3.
·        Department Link for:
o       R.E.
o       Modern Languages
o       Creative and Performing Arts
·        Head of House –
Leading on improvements in uniform policy and practice.
HIGIOS: 1.1 – Improvements in Performance
National Priority 1: Achievement and Attainment