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Lisa Pierotti - HT

L Pierotti - Head Teacher


·        Leading the mission of this Catholic School to develop as a community of faith and learning.
·        Leading the school’s vision, values and aims.
·        Staff sufficiency, recruitment and retention.
·        References and reports for all staff.
·        Key Leader and Driver of QA and Self Evaluation including tacle and Departmental reviews.
·        Leading the school in all issues of Child Protection.
·        Budget.
·        Leading school and Learning Community approaches to the development of Curriculum for Excellence.
·        Leading the Learning Community of St Paul’s including all Primary and Pre-5 establishments.
·        Local Community Links.
·        Liaison with Glasgow City Council, building contractors and all other appropriate bodies.
·        Leading on links with the Media, school profile, newsletters.
·        Taking lead responsibility for Health & Safety and the proper management of the School Fund.
·        Working with colleague representatives on the Working Arrangements.
·        Consulting with colleagues on any issue of concern held by a colleague, including all procedures on disciplinary, grievance and harassment and issues relating to the roles of Senior Leaders, all issues emanating from GCC and/or Education services, reports for teaching posts.
·        Link with School Chaplain and local Parish.
·        Advisor to the Parent Council.
·        Senior Leader link to SLT.
·        Year Head for S6.
HGIOS: 5.9 – Improvements through self evaluation
HGIOS: 9.4 – Leadership of improvement and change – support and challenge; creativity, innovation and step change, continuous improvement
National priority 4: Values and Citizenship