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Welcome to our school

         L Pierotti


A very warm welcome to the Saint Paul’s RC High School website and a very special welcome to you if you are a new parent/guardian.

I am extremely proud to be head teacher of Saint Paul’s R.C High School where the Catholic ethos permeates every aspect of school life.  Gospel values are the driving face in all that we do and we constantly strive to ensure that we meet the needs of every young person in our care.

We are passionate about our school and it is our mission to ensure that all learners feel included, engaged, valued, supported and listened to.  Providing high-quality learning experiences for all our young people is at the heart of our school life.

Relationships across the school are very positive and all support and teaching staff contribute to an ethos and climate where young people feel safe, secure and encouraged to achieve their full potential.

Text Box:  We have a very strong partnership with parents and families who provide outstanding support to this school and are always positive, encouraging and very much part of our drive to improvement and success.

You can find lots of further information about our school on:

  • Website
  • School Twitter -  @St_PaulsRCHS
  • Emails
  • P.C. Twitter       


Please do  not hesitate to contact me should you require

further details -


I look forward to working with you on ensuring your child has an excellent educational experience at St. Paul’s.

Kind regards

Lisa Pierotti



If there could be one thing in life for me to teach you,

I would teach you to love…

To respect others so that you may find respect in yourself

To learn the value of giving,

so that if ever there comes a time

In your life that someone really needs you,

you will give

To act in a manner that you would wish to be treated;

To be proud of yourself

To laugh and smile as much as you can,

in order to help bring joy back into this world

To have faith in others;

To be understanding…

To stand tall in this world and learn to depend on yourself

To only take form this earth those things you really need,

so there will be enough for others

Do not depend on money, material things for your happiness,

But learn to appreciate the people who love you

The simple beauty that God gave and to find peace and security within yourself

To you, my child, I hope have taught all of these things,

for they are love.